Aihole is a well-known historical site

Aihole is a well-known historical site
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Aihole is a well-known historical site

Aihole is a well-known historical site which was formerly the capital of the Chalukyas. It is an amazing village on the banks of the river Malprabha. The Aihole region has some of the most beautiful temple complexes that attract a large number of travelers. It is an ideal place for a holiday; Travelers from all over the world come and admire the historical monuments of Aihole. Some of the grand temples in Ayhole in particular have been demolished. In all the temples of Aihole, there are intricate and intricate carvings done skillfully between the 8th and 8th centuries.

There are 12 temples in this region. These temples are further divided into 22 groups and are spread all over the village. The city is well connected to Badami. From here one can reach the bus and get a glimpse of the historical monuments. The temples of Ayhole have a glorious past of the Chalukya dynasty.

Some known templates

Ladkhan Temple

Ladhkhan Temple- This is the oldest temple structure of the 5th century. On the roof of the temple is a plane-like temple. Which attracts tourists.

Durga (fort) temple

Durga Fort- This temple is known for its semicircular arches and a large gallery covering the temple. Here is an idol of Goddess Chamulandi, a goddess punishing a buffalo demon. There are innumerable beautiful carved idols on the walls in which there is a deity of half male and half female. With this skill the sculptor spells out his visitors.

Huchimalli Temple – This is another attraction, this temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is found just outside the village and has an image of Vishnu, which has a huge cobra.

Rewalfadi Caves Temple- This Rewalfadi Caves Temple is the main attraction. This cave temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is famous for its designed and intricate carvings. The temple was built in the 6th century and features various forms of Lord Shiva.

Konthi Temple Premises – This Uma Maheshwari temple has carved sculptures of Lord Brahma. Here you can see the nest built on the Brahma lotus.

Museums and art galleries

Aihole also has some sculptural galleries that are maintained according to the Archaeological Survey of India. Tourists come here in large numbers and take historical information.