Crafts are often notable for their uniqueness

Crafts are often notable for their uniqueness
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Crafts are often notable for their uniqueness

Crafts are often notable for their uniqueness as they are handmade. They are also a reflection of the culture and traditions of the individuals created. Their beauty and quality can depend on aesthetic principles and the hard work of craftsmen. Indian handicrafts can range from batik to wood carving, wood carvings, handmade garments and tarakshi (the heaviness of wood metal). Here is an overview of the craft and how or where it was created:


The method of making colorful designs on dyed fabric is known as batik. The word is derived from the word ‘tick’ and it is Javanese to ‘tot dot’ and when batik originated in Java, Indonesia, it easily became part of Indian handicrafts. Some of the best batik printers in India are from Bhipravgad, a small riverside village in Kshipra. Sculptors from Rajasthan and Gujarat came there when the Mughals ruled about 10000 years ago. The method used for dyeing is similar to the traditional method used in Indonesia, where parts of the fabric are covered with wax to prevent the area from being dyed. No batik pattern is the same, so each product is considered one of a kind.


A special type of Indian handicraft made of brass is called Pital Nagari or ‘Brass City’ It is an ancient art form of brassware that is easily followed nationally and internationally, especially by the British and Mughals. It is notable for its intricate Persian patterns and development and ornamentation processes, which make each product unique. Contemporary artisans have begun experimenting on new metals.


Known as the ‘art of burning brass wire in wood’, Indian handicrafts are used in Uttar Pradesh where wood carving and wood burning are common. Kashmiri artisans who visited Kashmir in the 1860s did star work in the region. Some of the older products of Tarakashi are wooden slippers, which are worn by religious people. Burning and excavation were once done by the same craftsmen, but these days both are already considered special skills.

Wood lacquer

Curved wood products show bright and vibrant shades and enhance their beauty. Recently, Indian handicrafts including wood lacquer have become popular among international consumers. The World Trade Organization considers this a geographical indication. As well as dealing in various handicraft products including wooden handicraft home decor, lighting and textiles such as sarees and dress materials.