Famous sweets of Agra

Famous delicious sweets of Agra

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Famous delicious sweets of Agra

Famous delicious sweets of Agra: After visiting the Taj Mahal of Agra, try these popular sweets.

Just as the city of Taj Mahal, Agra is more than its ancient buildings and architecture, in the same way the sweets of this city are equally popular. Whenever tourists come to visit here, they definitely take delicious sweets from here with them. Let us give you information about some popular sweets of Agra.

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Agra’s Petha

Famous delicious sweets of Agra

Agra is also known for its famous Petha along with the Taj Mahal. You will find petha shops in every nook and corner of the city. Petha is made from gourd or pumpkin, which are also present in many colors. Petha is very soft to eat. You can choose any type of petha from chocolate petha to grapes, saffron, mango and betel nut. To enjoy petha, visit the original panchi store in Agra.

The Gajak of Agra

Famous delicious sweets of Agra

This super tasty dry sweet dish is prepared with sesame seeds, jaggery, oil and sugar. Gajak is mostly eaten in winters, as Gajak usually contains warm ingredients, which help to keep the body warm in winters. You can get Gajak in any shape and size, it is very much liked by the tourists.

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Ghewar of Agra

Famous delicious sweets of Agra

This delicious round shaped dish is prepared using all purpose flour, sugar syrup and lots of dry fruits. Ghevar is specially prepared during the Hindu festival of Teej and to celebrate the monsoons in July and August. All types of Ghevar are sold in all the sweet shops of Agra city.

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Shahi tukda in Agra

Shahi Tukada

This Mughlai sweet has a lot of craze in Agra. The dish is fried in pure ghee which is like roti, it is prepared with sweet milk, saffron and dry fruits. The royal slice is so called because it was served during the Mughal emperors.

(Photo Credits: Economic Times)

Gond laddu in Agra

Gond Laddoo

Another popular sweet from Agra is Gond Laddu. This sweet dish is made using wheat flour, dry fruits and gond (edable gum). These laddoos are tender and super tasty and full of nutrition.

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Jalebi Rabdi of Agra

Jalebi in agra

Agra is a city where street food culture is most appreciated. Jalebi served with Rabri is one of the best known sweets of Agra. The jalebi is prepared in the most fun way, where the confectioner pours the jalebi batter into hot oil with the design of the jalebi. Deep fried jalebi is taken out and then it is dipped in syrup. Again the jalebi is fried in oil, then the jalebi is dipped in sugar syrup. It is served with rabri to enhance the taste of jalebi.

(Photo Credits: TOI)

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