Indians love to celebrate

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Indians love to celebrate

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Indians love to celebrate. In all forms and ways. Whether it is a victory in a match or a chariot procession or a wedding procession, the enthusiasm among Indians never diminishes. They know how to do it most of the time, making it memorable for a lifetime. And that summarizes the spirit of festivals in the country.

With the start of each year, the calendar is almost blocked on one day or another. In fact, the first thing people do when looking at the calendar is to check the date and month on which their particular festival falls. Due to the lunar calendar in India, the dates of annual festivals change every year. This is the main reason why the calendar is important. With this activity, don’t forget the upcoming New Year’s holiday schedule, months, days and more.

In their minds, people here even see their family time while celebrating. This simple thought of celebrating fascinates them and awaits the excitement of the festivities. In short, Indians find relief from a busy daily schedule and enjoy a welcoming life.

This change asons you, sowing, harvesting etc. Can be in the form. As a country backed by agriculture, India has a clause for agriculture based festivals. Different festivals in different parts of the country are dedicated to the rituals surrounding agriculture. Lohari, Baisakhi, Bihu, Onam, Vishu are some of the agricultural festivals which are enjoyed with great enthusiasm.

Also, the festivals of the monsoon season are celebrated with equal enthusiasm across the country. Rainfall is considered a primary factor in the Indian economy. Farmers eagerly come in the rainy season for natural irrigation after sowing seeds in their fields. And when the rain showers reach their fields, they enjoy the occasion. The timely arrival of rains guarantees fertile production with them. People celebrate the beginning of the rainy season with many religious festivals.

Teej, Rakshabandhan, etc. Perukku are some of the major festivals celebrated with great enthusiasm in the rainy season. Different boat-racing festivals are organized in different villages of Kerala. Boats are a symbol of the movement in Kerala. The special festivals held here keep alive the boating heritage of the villages. The boatmen compete in teams with each other and show the skill of driving the snake boats in the right direction. The best teams are provided and the festivities continue with processions and floats. In short, it is all a visual experience that sees all the senses completely.

In the autumn, the curiosity of the festival re-shapes the life here with the commencement of festivals like Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali. One after another, these festivals bring happiness and joy to everyone. And bring color to a dull and dull life. On a cold day, the country is ready to enjoy the cold again with Christmas, New Year, Lohari and Makar Sankranti festivals.

The festival and festival tour of India provides a great opportunity to experience the vibrant Indian side of the country. In this exciting trip, tourists can enjoy the colorful market of Indian culture.

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