Raja Ram Mohan Roy

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Raja Ram Mohan Roy

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The educational reforms of Raja Ram Mohan Roy improved the learning system in the country. The socioeconomic and political condition of the 19th century India made the learning and education necessary in India.The learning of English and Western education became indispensable.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy Raja Ram Mohan Roy

However, the historians have opined that primarily the economic factor was responsible for the introduction of the English language and western literature.

In British India, a system of education was necessary which could help to earn a livelihood. Due to these circumstances, the aspects of education became wider in India. Western education in India spread mainly due to the efforts of the progressive Indian elements that promoted the social reforms. Social reforms of Raja Ram Mohan Roy not only liberate India from the shackles of superstitions but also introduced a new system of education in India.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy believes that education is a tool for social reform.

He protested against the government’s policy to strengthen the Sanskrit Colleges in the Presidency Towns of Kolkata, Varanashi, and Chennai and urged for the establishment of more oriental colleges. He wrote to Lord Amherst that education of Sanskrit language and Sanskrit literature would do nothing and had no practical use. Rather he requested him to promote western education in India.

He felt that the youths could not adapt themselves according to the changing societies if they cling to the age-old Vedantic philosophy or doctrines. Ram Mohan was the chief advocate of the modern process of education and scientific learning.

Improving indigenous people is Ram Mohan Roy’s main motivation.

Therefore, he helped the British government to promote a more liberal and enlightened system in learning. In the new system of education, he introduced the s subjects of practical use like Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and Anatomy with other useful sciences.

When the government agreed to encourage learning of English and other Oriental languages, the protests of Raja Ram Mohan were expressed.A grant was sanctioned for the Calcutta Hindu College, which was set up in the year 1817 by the enlightened Bengalis.

The Hindu College was set up with the intention of imparting education in English. The system of education of the Hindu College also emphasized the study of Western Humanities and the sciences.

Ram Mohan established the British and Indian Scholars Association.

He started a college also and arranged for the teaching of modern subjects like Science, Political Science, Mathematics, and English. Not only had the introduction of western education, but Ram Mohan Roy also promoted the growth and prosperity of women education. He strongly believed that unless the womenfolk were educated, the society would not be liberated from the evils. Thus Raja Ram Mohan Roy promoted Western education and India during that time witnessed great progress in the field of education.

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